Silver Harbour Sail Club Slideshow

It takes a lot of scouring the web to find gems such as these. I tripped across this slideshow from Tiana at Silver Harbor Sail Club posted in 2011. From the front slide you know it’s going to be quite a show. For those that have been to harbor you’ll appreciate there is a total package up there. A beautifully protected harbor reaching past the clubhouse, with so many beautiful boats and interesting people. This slideshow gives you a glimpse of the Silver Harbour culture that is like no other on the lake. There’s people that are passionate about sailing, food, and friendship. This definitely portrayed here, with examples spanning across generations. If you haven’t spend some time walking the boats for sale up against the fenceline, or sailing in for a peaceful evening with new or old friends, you don’t know what you’re missing. It’s only a short sail up from Gimli Harbour, or a day down from Hecla. Put it on your plan for this year, and visit them at Silver Harbour.