A rough start to the season……

For those of us getting a late start to the season, it seems like the weather is just behind us. We were out sailing this time last year and now we’re still showing about 3 feet of ice out there. Hopefully we see some progression with some bursts of +30c in the coming weeks.

Here’s a pic taken on Monday afternoon showing one boat happily moving down the highway towards the lake.

Travelling Boat

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Silver Harbour Sail Club Slideshow

It takes a lot of scouring the web to find gems such as these. I tripped across this slideshow from Tiana at Silver Harbor Sail Club posted in 2011. From the front slide you know it’s going to be quite a show. For those that have been to harbor you’ll appreciate there is a total package up there. A beautifully protected harbor reaching past the clubhouse, with so many beautiful boats and interesting people. This slideshow gives you a glimpse of the Silver Harbour culture that is like no other on the lake. There’s people that are passionate about sailing, food, and friendship. This definitely portrayed here, with examples spanning across generations. If you haven’t spend some time walking the boats for sale up against the fenceline, or sailing in for a peaceful evening with new or old friends, you don’t know what you’re missing. It’s only a short sail up from Gimli Harbour, or a day down from Hecla. Put it on your plan for this year, and visit them at Silver Harbour.

Ice Fishing on Lake Winnipeg

This video popped up a year or so ago, featuring some of the timeless methods of ice fishing on our lake. From the Bombardier to the clap boards it’s a cinematic gem. The predominant species being caught here is the Pickerel, known for their popular cheeks and light flavor, a welcome meal in any home. Other predominant fish species are the Sauger and Whitefish. Lake Winnipeg is home to many commercial fisherman, bringing in $50 million per year in economic activity to Manitoba.

Great boats for sale

Boat number one is a 31′ Niagara outfitted for cruising with a strong focus on racing.  The entire boat is in immaculate condition and has a fresh water pedigree.  Very impressive at a crazy $33,749 it takes the top spot on boat of the month.  With an oven on board you can bake a couple loafs of bread during the Skallywag next year as you relax with a comfortable lead.







Boat number two is an interesting single sail design.  The Nonsuch 26′ was marketed directly at the single handed sailor.  A gem on the lake, it’s likely the only one of it’s kind locally.

[info]Have you long wondered how to get started in sailing?  Have you watched from the pier in Gimli and admired all those beautiful boats out on cruising along?  Then this is the blog for you.  Hopefully once all the information is populated you’ll have a really clear picture of what’s involved.

If you take a look at Kijiji’s Winnipeg Sailboats for Sale you’ll find many boats looking for new owners.  Don’t be shy, mostly all of the sellers are ready and willing to answer any of your questions, some may even want to take you on a tour.  Maybe if 100% ownership isn’t in the cards for you right now, maybe you’ll find a partner to sail with or a time sharing agreement.  As our elders are looking at selling their boats, the consistent reason is workload.  It’s not easy doing all the pre season and post season  work, so maybe you’re looking at helping out?

Some have turned their wallets south and are looking at importing a cheap used boat.  This process isn’t for the faint of heart.  You’ll need a trailer for that sweet deal, and likely a lot of work getting the salt out.  If you’re the handyman type, this could be for you![/info]

A Sailing Tribute

I little while back I found this tribute video on YouTube.  The creator has a great talent for creating video’s and pairing the perfect soundtracks for his story’s.  Likely the best sailing video showcasing one person’s love of sailing and all the people drawn to his passion.  Often I see people at the harbor taking guests our for a cruise, yet very few have had the for forethought to capture the time on video.

See more of these video’s on teamtruenorth2006’s youtube channel.

New Cartography from Lowrance

After years of prodding Garmin & Lowrance, we finally have a development in the cartography world.  Navionics has put together a Lake Winnipeg map that is compatible with the Lowrance systems, previously dominated by Standard Horizon.  If you’ve been waiting patiently to move up I would strongly suggest the Lowrance HD-7 and the Navionics Map Package.


Early Sailing on Lake Winnipeg

An epic adventure in early season sailing.  Cliff Carefoot shared this video awhile back, becoming a winter favorite of many a sailor.  One can only imagine the brave souls that try to beat this record.

The Wind Map Project

“Compiled from Surface wind data comes from the National Digital Forecast Database. These are near-term forecasts, revised once per hour. So what you’re seeing is a living portrait. (See the NDFD site for precise details; our timestamp shows time of download.) And for those of you chasing top wind speed, note that maximum speed may occur over lakes or just offshore.”

Click Here for the fully animated map