Winter Training

For those of us locked in by ice, watching the snowmobiles racing past our driveways, now is the time to concentrate on some training.  Pull out old books, head down to the library, or go take a course.  Sail Manitoba … Continue reading

S&S Boat Tops & Upholstery

Wayne has one of the coolest mobile operations around. His operation can be found at Winnipeg Beach, Gimli, or Silver Harbour. Give him a call! I’ve had Wayne do work on several of my sailboats over the years.  Check out … Continue reading

Weekday Sailing

If you were fortunate enough to get out this week and do some sailing, this is what it may have looked like. Smooth sailing at 3.5 knots off Silver Harbour. … Continue reading

Well it’s official,

We’re a month behind in our season… Despite the moody weather and thin warnings of frost there’s boats going in the water. I headed out to Gimli to watch the crane crew help some boats into the water and then … Continue reading

Sail Lake Winnipeg is committed to providing fresh information about sailing on our lake. Whether it’s connecting you to sailboat rentals, classes, cruises, or getting you prepared with your own boat, you can count on us. Lake Winnipeg is a … Continue reading

[info]Have you long wondered how to get started in sailing?  Have you watched from the pier in Gimli and admired all those beautiful boats out on cruising along?  Then this is the blog for you.  Hopefully once all the information … Continue reading