Paragon at Scallywag 2013

Bill Spornitz sent this along this morning.  It’s a video of the Tartan 10 Paragon racing the Scallywag in Gimli.  The video was shot from shore, showing the challenging winds and some anti fowling paint.  While the racing grounds are … Continue reading

Ice Fishing on Lake Winnipeg

This video popped up a year or so ago, featuring some of the timeless methods of ice fishing on our lake. From the Bombardier to the clap boards it’s a cinematic gem. The predominant species being caught here is the Pickerel, known for their popular cheeks and light flavor, a welcome meal in any home. Other predominant fish species are the Sauger and Whitefish. Lake Winnipeg is home to many commercial fisherman, bringing in $50 million per year in economic activity to Manitoba.

A Sailing Tribute

I little while back I found this tribute video on YouTube.  The creator has a great talent for creating video’s and pairing the perfect soundtracks for his story’s.  Likely the best sailing video showcasing one person’s love of sailing and all the people drawn to his passion.  Often I see people at the harbor taking guests our for a cruise, yet very few have had the for forethought to capture the time on video.

See more of these video’s on teamtruenorth2006’s youtube channel.